In addition to its breathtaking beaches, southern Corsica offers landscapes as surprising as they are fascinating. Forests, needles, cliffs… a breathtaking spectacle. The beaches of South Corsica are crowned every year with the most beautiful compliments! In 2019, the highly prized Palombaggia, a small paradise of white sand and turquoise water south of Porto-Vecchio, takes the lead in the Tripadvisor ranking of the most beautiful beaches in France and is ranked among the most beautiful in Europe.  

If the coastline is fascinating, such as the vertiginous Bonifacio which has preserved all traces of the Genoese presence, Propriano surrounded by turquoise waters, the Calanques de Piana classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or Cargese, a former Greek colony, the island’s interior also worth a visit. Covered with forests over almost half of its territory, Corsica is the most wooded of the Mediterranean islands. 

It is also possible to discover the menhirs of Filitosa, a high place of prehistory in the Mediterranean, the village of Sartène, the Upper Taravo region or the Baracci baths, a thermal spring. 

A wide range of activities and excursions are available to discover the fabulous diversity of the extreme south of Corsica. The concierge service provides guests with detailed maps and can also book a guide for day trips.  

– There are many walks to do: there are many itineraries, from a stroll in Porto Novo to a sporty hike to Monte Calva. There are also many walks accessible to all. We can also mention the climbing of the Uomo di Cagna, the Roccapina Tower, the Trinity of the Hermitage in Bonifacio, the bomb hole in the Bavella forest or the Coscione plateau in Quenza.  

– Natural pools: in the direction of Conca, along the river of Solenzara or in the Bavella massif, there are improbable natural pools carved in the rocks, with fresh and crystal-clear waters, for unforgettable baths. 

– Discovering the wonders of the Alta Rocca: a rocky region of granite and diorite, the Alta Rocca is home to many archaeological sites that bear witness to one of the oldest human traces on the island (-9000 years).  

And many other walks and excursions are possible to discover this beautiful region…