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Located at the northern entrance of the Mozambique Channel, between Madagascar and the African coast, Mayotte has been the 101st and last French department and the 5th overseas department since 2011. The islands of Grande Terre and Petite Terre represent a territory of 376km2 and around 30 islets dot scattered in the 1 100km2 of lagoon.

Easily accessible by direct flights from Paris, flights via the Island of la Réunion or Nairobi, Mayotte also benefits from numerous regional connections provided by Ewa Air.

The destination appeals to diving lovers looking for exceptional marine biodiversity. Its lagoon, bordered by more than 170 white and black sand beaches, host many worldwide famous diving spots. Last but not least, Mayotte became the first French Overseas Marine Natural Park in order to preserve its extraordinary biodiversity.

Mayotte is also a lush destination with many endemic species including the maki (common brown lemur) and flying foxes. Also nicknamed “the perfumes island”, it offers hikers to awaken their senses on many hiking trails, while discovering pineapples, vanilla, cinnamon, breadfruit, but also the famous ylang-ylang.

Traveling to Mayotte it’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet with a culture which is at the crossroads of Africa and Asia. They are plenty of traditions that the tourists can discover and enjoy thanks to the many festivities organized throughout the year.

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