“Papeete Market” at a glance

The atmosphere is like no other! In the heart of downtown, on more than 7,100 m², the Papeete market deserves a visit for its rich colours and fragrances, and for the picturesque and joyful entertainment that can be found every day of the week. While it is obviously magical for the visitor, it has retained its primary function as a place of exchange. 

The entertainment is at its peak on Sunday morning, when all the families living in the suburbs of Papeete come to collect supplies for the Maa Tahiti on Sunday. All the local products are here, and we have even taken the care to present them to you on panels explaining the history, cuisine and Tahitian name of vanilla, coconut… Coconut, the essential product, is offered in several ways: you can open it with a cup cutter to drink straw water, offer you bottled milk, meat, or all kinds of coconut cakes.

This discovery can be done individually or escorted with a local guide available through local agencies.

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